Pleased to share factual information about MediCare!


Sign up is not automatic! You decide when!

First - your about to be 65 and want to sign up for Medicare!  

    Rules say - Coverage can begin the 1st of the month when 65.  [called "eligible"]  

First step -  Call your Local Social Security (SS) office * and ask to speak with a retirement person.   

   * Why? - Surveys report incorrect information was sometimes received calling the main SS 800 #  

    Note;   SS is responsible to process sign up applications.

Second step - when talking to a Retirement person ask about:  

    -> completing the Part A & B application, 

    -> options to pay your 25% share of Part B's monthly cost. 

          It's $144.60 but higher if your IRS 1040 AGI [two years ago] was above 87 k for Single & 174 k for Joint. Five higher levels.

    ->  mailing you the charts they create to help decide when to start receiving SS benefits. 

When signing up is complete - [You are - "entitled" [not enrolled]  ] and covered by:

        ->  Part A for inpatient care in a hospital. 

        ->  Part B for medically necessary outpatient services. 

            Note: The MediCare ID card has entitled above Part A & B - see this picture.  The page also explains the new style card.


When you approach 65 you receive many Medicare Health Plan brochures! <-> Are they confusing? <--> Was looking online for plans in Southeastern CT hard?

Many say yes! 

To simplify all this - Just call John C Parker's Google Voice (860) 451-9793 . We can discuss your situation / interest / budget and: 

    how MediCare works, 

    the two kinds of Medicare Health Plans available in SE CT, 


OK - you worked past 65 - What to do:

 First: Call the Local SS office to set up a time for a call with a retirement person to:

Apply for Part B & activate Part A. 

      -> It's backdated six months from your Part B date.

Discuss options to pay your share of Part B's monthly cost [S144.60 in 2020 ] :

     ->  it's deducted from SS if receiving benefits.

 Ask for Form CMS-L564 to be eMailed to you. Your employer fills in dates you had medical coverage and signs. Returning this form:

     ->  approves a Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Part B the date you want. 

     ->  means you avoid B's late enrollment penalty. 

Federal regulations limit times to sign up for Part B when past 65 to these periods.   -> -> You can't just sign up when you want! <-  <-

Medicare-Advantage-Supplement- umbrella-over-treatment-costs- MediCare-doesn't-pay!

OK! You're now "entitled" to Part A & Part B - What do you pay for treatment?

If you receive outpatient treatment:

       MediCare does not pay MDs or other providers 100% of their fee! 

    Why? Outpatient providers, who agree to participate in MediCare, have to accept ""assignment". It's just 80% of the allowed amount. 

    So much treatment is now outpatient so being responsible for 20% could quickly be a Big Risk to income & savings!

If in a hospital:

    All medically necessary treatment is covered - you would be responsible for Part A's $1,408 deductible!

What to do about all these expenses? Buy a special insurance plan to pay most of these medical treatment / service invoices. Buying a plan works like putting up an umbrella over your income & savings! 

     Note: No coverage - bills will come like a rain storm!

The red text is a link to details on the two "risk protection" plans.

        Medicare Advantage Plan in New London CT or a  

        Medicare Supplement in CT 

Each has options to meet your situation / interest / budget.

A key point  - Beware of TV ads saying -  Call Today - get better coverage!  

       Why? Times to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan are limited by federal enrollment periods


Do I really need one of these "Medicare Health Plans"?

Some think -  my health won't change!  - But:  

   ● No one can say an accident won't happen

   ● The possibility of an illness with on going treatment =  significant costs!   

Bottom line -  buying puts you in control of any medical expenses and gives you peace of mind.  Either a: 

        >  Medicare Advantage Plans approved for New London County 

        >  Medicare Supplement approved in Connecticut 

Whether turning 65 or leaving an employer plan call/text John C Parker's Google Voice today  (860) 451-9793).   

    ● Whatever time you need will be available - perhaps multiple calls - to review whats best for your situation / interest / budget, 

   ● Discussion will be to increase understanding not just a review of plan details. This = a more informed decision.  

        > I am told this is a big Help!

BTW it's  OK after talking to say - now is not the right time! 


You can also send questions on signing up for a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement: 

    ● Using the form below or

    ● To  -


John C Parker, a professional health insurance advisor in Niantic, is licensed in CT ( #644135 ) and does not solicit or sell in other states.

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