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Thinking about MediCare! What to do!


Individuals are not automatically signed up!

Want to apply at 65?  

    [Medicare calls the person "eligible" the month when 65]  

 The most effective way to sign up -  your Local Social Security (SS) office. *  

      * Why? - Surveys report people received incorrect information at times when calling the SS 800 # ! 

 Ask for an appointment with a retirement person to: 

    + complete the Part A & B application, 

    + review options and select one to pay your share of Part B's cost. The base is $135.50 a month in 2019.

   Note: The cost will be higher if the AGI on your IRS 1040 from two years ago is above 85k Single/170k Joint. There are five higher income based levels.

    + review the informative SS charts to help decide what age to start receiving benefits.


When sign up is complete MediCare considers the person "entitled". They are then covered by:

     + Part A for inpatient care in a hospital.

     + Part B for medically necessary outpatient services.

The date a person was entitled to each Part shows on their ID card.

Lots of mail starts coming six months before 65 on the Medicare Health Plans you can buy. To simplify these confusing materials  - call my Google Voice mail (860) 451-9793 for an appointment.

Did you work past 65 and now want to apply?
What to do:

 Call the Local SS office for an appointment with a retirement person to activate Part A and apply for Part B.

Part B has a monthly cost:

     + review options to pay if not signing up for SS.

     + it's deducted from SS if receiving benefits.

   Note: Part B's base and extra cost is above. 

 When meeting ask for Form CMS-L564. Take it to your employer to fill in your coverage dates, sign, and then return.

 The Form approves your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Part B. Having had medical coverage also means you avoid paying B's late enrollment penalty. 

Federal regulations limit the times a person can apply for Medicare Part B. Details on the specific periods are on this page? 


What do you pay for treatment when entitled?

MDs and other providers who participate are paid just 80% of the amount MediCare approved for each Part B Outpatient treatment or procedure they provide.  


An important point: So much medical treatment and professional service is now Outpatient so having to pay 20% in a complex situation can quickly be very expensive

What to do? To offset the possibility of a Big Hit to income & savings buy the special insurance which I call Medicare Health Plans. 

Why should you own? The value gained is highlighted on the red text pages: 

        Medicare Advantage Plan in Southeastern CT or a  

        Medicare Supplement in CT or a

Options are available, which mean one is available to meet your personal situation and budget.

Beware of ads saying - call today to get better coverage! 

Why? You can't sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan any time you want! Federal regulations limit the enrollment periods

Instead:   Call my Google Voice (860) 451-9793 today to simplify the enrollment rules. 

New MediCare ID cards:

There is a picture of the new card on this page and information on what to do if you did not receive one. 

    FYI - old cards can be used the rest of 2019. 

Do I really need a Medicare Health Plan?

Some think - I take care of myself so a change in health won't happen! That would be nice - But:  

   ● No one can say an accident or change in health won't happen

   ● The possibility is significant something will!  


Have Questions about signing up or about coverage?  You can:

   ● Use the form below to send a note:

   ● Call/text my Google Voice today  (860) 451-9793) for an appointment. We can discuss how buying either:

       + a Medicare Advantage Plan available in CT or a

       + CT Medicare Supplement

 provides peace of mind and control of any medical treatment expenses.

The focus when meeting will be to discuss your situation and find a plan meeting your interest not just to review plan details. 

    Note: Taking time to understand means you can make a more informed decision. 

If an eligible enrollment period is available then all the details of implementing the selected plan are taken care of.


BTW - it's OK to say - now is not the right time!  You can also send questions to  - Learn@JohnCParker.agency

John C Parker, a professional health insurance advisor in Niantic CT, is licensed (CT #644135) to conduct business in CT and does not solicit or sell in other states. 

Have Questions?

Questions on applying for MediCare or on selecting a Medicare Health plan - send a note!

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