Thinking about MediCare! What to do!


Individuals are not automatically signed up!

Do you want to apply at 65?  

    [A person is "eligible" the month when 65]  

 The most effective way to sign up -  at your Local Social Security (SS) office. *  

      * Why? - Surveys report people received incorrect information at times when calling the SS 800 # ! 

 Call the Local office for an appointment with a retirement person to meet an: 

    + complete the Part A & B application, 

    + select an option to pay Part B's monthly base cost. Your 25% share is $135.50 in 2019.

   Note: B's cost is higher if your IRS 1040 AGI from two years ago is above 85k for Single & 170k for Joint. There are five levels of additional cost.

    + review SS's informative charts to help decide what's the best age to start receiving benefits.


When sign up is complete MediCare considers the person "entitled". [not enrolled]  They are then covered by:

     + Part A for inpatient care in a hospital.

     + Part B for medically necessary outpatient services.

    Note: A person's ID card shows entitled above their A & B effective date.

Soon be 65 and are confused about: 

     + all the mail being received on Medicare Health Plans.

     + the information you found on line.

You can simplify this confusing information  - call my Google Voice mail (860) 451-9793 for an appointment to understand MediCare and the health plan options in SE CT.

OK! You worked past 65 and now want to apply?
What to do: Call the Local SS office - ask for an appointment to meet a retirement person to:

 Activate Part A and apply for Part B.

Review options to pay Part B's monthly cost [shown above ] if not signing up for SS:

     + it's deducted from SS if receiving benefits.

 Ask during meeting for Form CMS-L564. Take it to your employer to fill in the dates you had medical coverage, sign, and then take it back. Returning this form:

   + approves the Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Part B. 

   + means you avoid paying B's late enrollment penalty. 

     Note: When signing up for MediCare after your eligible month Part A will be backdated up to  six months from your Part B date.

Federal regulations limit the times a person can apply for Medicare Part B.  The details:

     + on the specific periods are on this page? 


Your entitled and have Part A & Part B - What do you pay when treatment is received?

MDs and other providers who agreed to participate are paid 80% of the amount MediCare approved for each Part B Outpatient treatment, procedure, or service they provide.  


An important point: People receive so much medical treatment and professional services Outpatient today so paying 20% in a complex situation will quickly be very expensive

What to do? To offset the possibility of a Big Hit to income & savings buy one of the special insurance plans I call Medicare Health Plans.


Why buy? The value you can gain by owning one of these special plans is highlighted on the red text pages: 

        Medicare Advantage Plan in New London CT or a  

        Medicare Supplement in CT or a

Options are available, which means one will meet your personal situation and budget.

Beware of Call Today ads saying - get better coverage! 

Why? Federal regulations limit when you can sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan - it's not when you want! 

    FYI - info on the federal enrollment periods

Everyone on MediCare received a new ID card:

This page has information on what to do if you did not + there is a picture. 

    FYI - old cards can be used the rest of 2019. 

Get started by calling (860) 451-9793 today to simplify all this!

Do I really need a Medicare Health Plan?

Some think - I take care of myself so a change in health won't happen! That would be nice - But:  

   ● No one can say an accident or change in health won't happen

   ● The possibility is significant something will!  


Do you have Questions about signing up or about coverage with a  Medicare Health Plan?  

   ● Send a note using the form below:

   ● Call/text my Google Voice today  (860) 451-9793) for an appointment. When meeting we can discuss how buying either:

       + a Medicare Advantage Plan approved for New London County or a

       + CT Medicare Supplement

provides peace of mind and puts you in control of any medical treatment expenses.

Discussion will focus on your situation and to find a plan meeting your interest - not just to review plan details. 

    Note: Taking time to understand & answer questions means you can make a more informed decision. 

If an eligible enrollment period is available then all the details of implementing the selected plan are taken care of.


BTW - it's OK to say - now is not the right time!  You can also send questions to  -

John C Parker, a professional health insurance advisor in Niantic CT, is licensed (CT #644135) to conduct business in CT and does not solicit or sell in other states. 

Have Questions?

Questions on applying for MediCare or on selecting a Medicare Health plan - send a note!

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